Skype new feature allows anyone to join a conversation with a single link

Skype rolls out new feature to let anyone with or without a Skype account to join a conversation.

While Microsoft keeps working on the Messaging apps for Windows 10 powered by Skype, the company continues to add new features to its popular chat, video and voice service. This week, the Skype team announced a new feature in the service that allows users to invite anyone to join a Skype chat by sharing a custom link to anyone using email, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp.

The best part is that the new feature works for those users with or without a Skype account, as people can join the group conversation using Skype for Web, so there is no need to download and install the Skype client on your computer or phone. In addition, the conversation is not only limited to text messages, as people can do voice and video as well.

The new feature is currently available for users in the United Stated and UK, and they can start, share and join a conversation using Skype for Windows, Skype for Mac, and Skype for Web. Those users with mobile devices with the app installed can join the conversation from any Android mobile device, iPad, and iPhone.

The new conversation capability is rolling out now, but Microsoft says it will take a few weeks to reach everyone.

How does it work? On the latest version of Skype for computer or web, click the new “+New” button, and share the custom link with the people you want and start a conversation — that’s it.

Source Skype Blog