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Microsoft made a smaller USB Xbox Wireless Adapter for PCs

Microsoft introduces a significantly smaller Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 gaming PCs.

USB Xbox Wireless Adapter (2017)

If you rather play games on your Windows 10 PC than on Xbox One, Microsoft is now introducing a new USB Xbox Wireless Adapter to connect an Xbox One controller to your device.

Yes, there has been a wireless adapter for a long time, but this time around, Microsoft is making it a lot smaller. In fact, the adapter is now 66 percent smaller than its predecessor, and it looks just like an ordinary USB thumb drive.

Similar to the older model, you can use the USB adapter on any desktop computer, laptop, and tablet running Windows 10, and it supports up to eight controllers.

Microsoft is keeping the price similar to the previous model, and it’s expected to be available for purchase starting August 8. Preorder is available now at the Microsoft Store, just keep in mind that it only works on Windows 10. However, you can also connect your Xbox 360 controllers.

Alongside the new USB stick, Microsoft is also introducing three new wireless Xbox One controllers similar to the style found in the Xbox 360 controllers, including Gray/Green, Patrol Tech Special Edition, and hot red Volcano Shadow.

Xbox One controllers (2017)
Xbox One controllers (2017)

These new accessories are expected to release in September 5, 18, and 26 respectively.

Update August 12, 2017: This product is now delayed until January 31, 2018.