Sony to release The Interview on YouTube and selected movie theaters after all (update)

Followed the hack and threats, Sony will move forward with the release of The Interview and selected theaters will play the movie this Christmas. However, the bigger news comes today as the company has apparently reached to an agreement with Google to release the movie for renting via YouTube and Google Play store.

According to Recode, Sony will distribute the movie online in rental form through Play Movies and YouTube, and Sony is considering streaming the movie through its own site if the deals with third-party companies should fall apart, as it happened with Apple’s iTunes.

If Sony pulls it off and The Interview makes it through Christmas, it will be a major milestone for the company, as we don’t often see a big studio releasing a movie on theaters and online at the same time.

For those planning to watch The Interview on theaters, Sony Pictures has released a list of all the movie theaters that will be playing the movie on Christmas and following days.

Merry Christmas! Now, go and watch the movie…

Update: The Interview movie will be available today, December 24, starting 1PM on Xbox Video as a rental for $6.