Amazing Start menu concept for Windows 8.2 (video)

Here is something interesting, Jay Machalani is a 20 year old self-taught user-experience designer who loves Windows 8, however like many users he feels that the operating system is headed in the right direction, but the current user-experience needs some additional work. As such Machalani spent about three months trying to find a solution to bring the Metro environment and desktop closer together.

The result is an amazing concept to what Microsoft might be planning for Windows 8.2, as recent information from unnamed sources familiar to the project codenamed “Threshold”, revealed that the company is planning to bring the Start menu and it will include modifications to allow users to float Windows 8 apps on the desktop.

It’s worth noting that Jay’s concept happened before we started to hear about the new Windows 8.2 rumors.


The YouTube video showcases Jay Machalani concept, which is a Start menu based on the Metro flat design and on the Start screen currently in Windows 8.1. His Start menu makes a lot sense bringing the Metro environment to the desktop. You’ll see how Live Tiles can exist in the new menu together with a list of apps, recent and pinned apps, and very customizable with controls to easily shut down the operating system, go to settings, and set the orientation of the Start menu, vertically or horizontally.

Machalani’s design doesn’t stop there, he also thinks that a few changes has to be made in the desktop to match the Metro philosophy, by bringing flat design to icons and a redesigned desktop user-interface. Definitely something Microsoft should consider for Windows 8.2.

To learn more about the Jay’s concept fixing Windows 8, check out his site using the source link.

Source Jay Machalani via The Verge | Images courtesy of Jay Machalani’s website