Surface Duo to receive three years of Android updates

Microsoft promises to release Android updates for its Surface Duo for three years.

Person holding Surface Duo (source: Microsoft)

Microsoft will be responsible for updating its Surface Duo, and the company is committing to releasing Android updates for the device for three years (via Android Authority).

If you’re planning to use a Surface Duo as your productivity device on the go, you now know that the device will receive at least three years of software support. In addition to patching and improving Google’s mobile operating system, Microsoft will also keep updating the launcher experience and apps for years to come.

While manufacturers usually support their devices for a few years, up until recently, Google was the only company to commit three years of updates for its Pixel phones. Then Samsung also promised to release updates for its Galaxy S10 and newer devices for three years, and now, Microsoft is committing to the same support for its new $1399 dual-screen phone.

You can preorder the Surface Duo now from the Microsoft Store, Best Buy and AT&T. It’s expected to release on September 10, and initially, it’ll only be available in the United States.