Surface mini mockup anticipates how the tablet will look like (image)

Surface mini mockup

As May 20th fast approaches Microsoft is getting ready to unveil a smaller version of its Surface tablet, which is said to be an 8-inch tablet, powered by a ARM-based processor from Qualcomm, therefore running Windows RT 8.1. Although we have a few accurate details about the mini tablet, no one knows how exactly the devices will look like, but based on rumors and past details, someone has manage to design a couple mockups of the forthcoming Surface mini.

The images show two mockups: on the left you can see the 4:3 aspect ratio and on the right there is the 16:9 aspect ratio design. Both devices look so beautiful that follows the design language of the current Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, but with the difference that the Surface mini mockups don’t feature a kickstand and emphasis the stylus pen, which it’s said to be a high value feature for the tablet as we don’t see much of natural writing on devices this small.

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A second image also shows a white version of the miniaturize version of the tablet, which looks pretty great.

White Surface mini

The images are very interesting because they show a kind of device that Microsoft could do. So, until Microsoft actually reveals the Surface mini, these mockups should have to be enough to build up anticipation.

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Source PhotoDesigner