Surface Pro 3 teardown, forget any chance of upgrading this tablet

Surface Pro 3 teardown

If you were thinking on upgrading your Surface Pro 3, thinking again, the guys from iFixit already took the tablet apart, and they show that even being careful the super-thin optical-bonded display breaks easily. Not only that but the device seems to have a “never-ending story of dark-sticky adhesive”.

While inside the only clear component that seems to be replaceable is the Solid-Sate Drive, all other components are built-in to the custom motherboard.

Cracked Surface Pro 3

Sticky adhesive

Surface Pro 3 motherboard

The battery as we already knew, it’s a 42Wh, 7.6volt, lithium ion battery, also really stuck to the device with sticky adhesive.

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Next we have the new, very large and thin, fan/heat sink combination, really similar to what you will encounter on a traditional laptop. And beneath is the mighty Intel Core processor. The particular model iFixit torn down was the Core i5-4300U.

Surface Pro 3 heatsink/fan combo Surface Pro 3 with Intel Core i5-4300U

iFixit gave Surface Pro 3 a repairability score of 1 out of 10, so it means that the tablet is technical no-upgradeable. If anyone had the chance to reach inside, the only replaceable component is the SSD. The battery could be also replaceable, but it is strongly attached to the device, which makes it a very difficult task.

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Source iFixit