Watch This: Surface Pro running Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion

We’ve heard we’ll be able to install other operating systems in the new Surface with Windows 8 Pro and while I don’t find a good a reason for another OS running in this tablet, a YouTube user named Donald Annis apparently managed to install Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion into a Surface Pro.

You’ll see in the video above that the digital pen, sound, and the USB Ethernet dongle network are working, but Donald noted that at this moment Wi-Fi isn’t working.

The user also doesn’t specify if Apple’s Mountain Lion is running on a virtual machine, if this is simply remote desktop session, or if this was indeed a clean install erasing Windows 8 from the tablet. However, the mention that the Wi-Fi isn’t working and video playing flawlessly might just be the hint that in fact this Surface Pro is running Mountain Lion.

I am still a bit skeptical and so should you. I contacted the YouTube user Donald Annis, but I haven’t received an answer yet.

Source YouTube