Tech roundup of the week – Jan. 15, 2012

Pureinfotech Tech Roundup

This week on Pureinfotech: Microsoft made its last attendance to CES after 15 years. In the last keynote the company didn’t introduce anything new, but they did talk about Xbox, all the new Windows Phones, Ultrabooks, of course, and they also talked about Windows 8 and when the beta version will be available. If you are a fan of Kinect you’ll find interesting that Microsoft announced Kinect for Windows. Google unveiled search integration with your Google+ information, and much more.

After 15 years of giving the kickoff to the beginning of CES, Microsoft said good-bye to the show floor… If you didn’t have the chance to catch the last keynote, here are the highlights — Microsoft last keynote at CES 2012 in Las Vegas after 15 years [Video].

Also if you enjoy Kinect on Xbox 360, you are now going to like Kinect for Windows, check the article to know pricing and availability — Kinect for Windows hardware and software are coming early in 2012.

While Windows 8 still several months away from public availability, you can at least take a look at some of the things that are coming in Windows 8 Beta — Sneak peek to Windows 8 pre-beta (build 8175) from CES 2012 [Video].

If you stopped by Pureinfotech this week, you know by now that Google is changing the way of displaying search results, while this might be a good approach for many users, not everyone is happy about it. If this is your case, you should check this How-To — How to disable the new Google’s personal search results – Kind of…

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