Tech roundup of the week – Jul. 17, 2011

Google+ Logo

This week in tech was all about Google+, people seems to be getting very excited about this new social network, it has been about 2 weeks since the launch and there are already about 10 million users “who share 1 billion items every day, and Google’s +1 button is being hit 2.3 billion times per day.”  Mashable has reported — That’s a lot –.

Now the question is: If you are using Google+, did you set up the privacy settings correctly? If you don’t know, I detailed the ones you should consider changing. Also continuing with Google+, you have learned how to download all your data from the social network, how to keep your information private using the Google’s +1 button, how to be more productive using the Google+ Cheat Sheet with many tips and tricks that you are going to enjoy. All these are more…

Here is what you might have missed:

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