Tech roundup of the week – Mar. 11, 2012

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This week on Pureinfotech: Starting in Windows 8 Consumer Preview Microsoft made the decision to remove the ability to use the key F8 to access the Windows Advanced options and boot into Safe Mode, but don’t worry because we still have plenty ways to get around boot in Safe Mode and troubleshoot Windows issues — How to boot in Safe Mode or access the Recovery mode in Windows 8

Getting used to the new Windows 8 Start Screen (Metro GUI) can be a little challenging, even more when you already knew where all the options were. To bring some of the old options back like, Computer, Control Panel, Documents, etc., this week we looked at How to add location shortcuts to the Start Screen in Windows 8.

As you know by now, Microsoft made also the bold decision to remove the traditional orb and menu that were part of the operating system for more than 15 years, and because there still many users out there that still rely on them, this week you also learned How to bring back Windows Start button and Start menu in Windows 8.

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