Test alternative headlines with WordPress Headline Split Tester plugin

Did you ever have more than one headline idea and you could not decide which one was going to be the most effective one to bring more visitors to your website? OK, look no further, Headline Split Tester plugin let you test two headlines for each post and eventually one will win. Basically with this WordPress plugin you can enter an alternative headline for a post ( so you’ll have two in total), then Headline Split Tester will automatically choose one headline and show it randomly for each visitor. In the course of time, the headline with the most relevance will become the permanent headline, helping you to bring more visitors.

In order to determine which headline drives the higher interaction rate, Headline Split Tester plugin, uses a combination of the amount of times the headline has been clicked and the amount of impressions.

This is a great idea and a plugin worth trying, because now if you have more than one headline idea, it will become easier to choose the one with more influence and having the correct headline can also, hopefully, help you to bring more visitors to your WordPress site. And, Did I also mention that Headline Split Tester was inspired by The Huffigton Post blog test headlines method? The Huffington Post is a blog that drives tons of traffic.

You can download Headline Split Tester here