Thanksgiving desktop fun – Wallpaper collection 2011

Thanksgiving Desktop Fun Wallpaper

Download Thanksgiving wallpapers for your computer desktop and set the mood for the holiday.

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving, all the goodness of turkey and pumpkin pie? While we still weeks away from the holiday, here in Pureinfotech can’t wait to share a great set of wallpapers to set the mood on your computer with this Thanksgiving desktop fun wallpaper collection. Heck! you can even find dogs wearing pilgrims customs and eating turnkey out of the table in this set.

You can find more great free themes at our Pureinfotech — Desktop Fun section or at the Windows Personalization Gallery website, also check our previous wallpaper, icons, and Windows 7 themes collections with Thanksgiving theme.

Note: These wallpapers are not like Windows 7 themes where images fit perfectly in your computer screen, they vary in size so you may have to stretch, crop, or modify them in a way that will best fit your computer’s monitor resolution.