Tiny workspace with a clever small DIY computer desk

Tiny workspace with a small computer desk 780_wide

You should never feel limited to the space available to create your own workspace with a little bit of creativity. Just take a look at Ross Knight that managed to build an amazing and inexpensive tiny workspace with a clever small computer desk that fits a big desktop PC.

For this DIY project Ross used a cheap wall mount bracket to hand the monitor onto the wall, a floating shelf that perfectly fits a full-size keyboard, mouse, and a pair of computer speakers, and a bar stool that he uses as a desk-chair.

Small computer desk 628_wide

This is a perfect solution for those people who are looking to build a space saver workspace with a great design look and on a budget. Kudos to Ross that pull-off a really nice home office design.

Although, you may not find exactly all the parts that Ross used to create this small computer desk, you can find similar wall mount brackets at Amazon for under $20. Floating shelves can also be found at Amazon, IKEA, and pretty much in any home office decor retailer. Ross also used a wiremold kit (under $10) to hide all the cables to make everything look unclutter and streamlined. Finally, for computer desk chair a similar leather bar stool can be found online for under $100, but it will be wise to look online for a used one since bar stools are sold in pair.

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Image from Flickr (RossEdwardKnight)