Tiny workspace built inside of a closet

Tiny workspace built inside closet 640_wide

If you live in a small house or apartment, space optimization is a must and one thing you can do is to convert that unused closet into an elegant workspace.

Created by Natalie Wright in Utah, this tiny workspace fits perfectly inside of a closet and with the rest of the room, thanks to the light-brown computer desk, white file cabinet and beautiful blue bookshelf above the computers. She also managed to fit two computers and two chairs — space divided by the file cabinet on the floor –. Definitely a great home office design that you can recreate or have someone else help you to build it.

Tiny workspace home office 622_wide

Although this is a great idea for a small space, it was never the intention as the tiny workspace is part of a larger work studio with a little more room to stretch your arms.

Coset office 640_wide

Oh, here is also a picture of how the closet looked like before the transformation.

Before closet workspace 480_wide

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