Toshiba KIRAbook, a Windows 8 ultrabook with retina display, available in May


Finally a PC manufacture is about to start shipping an ultrabook that features a high-resolution display, similar to the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and the Chromebook Pixel. Today we hear that Toshiba has announced KIRAbook, a new 13.3-inch ultrabook featuring a 10-point multitouch display with 2560 x 1440 pixels, 8GB of RAM, a healthy 256GB Solid State Drive, and of course pre-installed with Windows 8.

Toshiba plans to ship three models of KIRAbook, but the information available now only mentions two of the models, both touch-enabled retina displays with a 221 PPI, which is a bit lower than the 227 PPI in Apple’s MacBook and the 239 PPI in Google’s new Pixel. One houses a Core i5-3337U and the other higher-end model features a Core i7-357U, and both features an ultra-low-voltage Intel processor.

The company says that KIRAbook is built from “A291 pressed magnesium alloy and a honeycomb-base”, which according to Toshiba, is stronger than aluminum. The casing material is also very lightweight that helps to keep the device under 3 pounds and at only 0.7-inch thick.


Toshiba doesn’t specify exactly how long the battery will last, but the company says “a high-capacity Li-Polymer battery is incorporated to let users work unplugged throughout the day with a long battery life rating” — Something tells me that in real-life we’ll be seeing an average of 4-6 hours, just because of the retina display.

But it doesn’t come cheap, the Core i7 model will cost a steep $1,999, while the Core i5 KIRAbook will cost $1,799 and the low-end (tech specs not yet revealed) will be priced at $1,599.

KIRAbook will be available for pre-order in the US on May 3rd and it will be for sale on May 12th at different outlets (Best Buy, Microsoft Store, Amazon, B&H and Adorama).

Source Toshiba via The Verge (and images)