Try Google Page Speed Online and make your Website faster

Google, beside being great in search, it’s also all about speed, take for example Chrome which is one of the fastest Web browser out there today and it is always being improved to be faster, or how about the many millions of results that Google search returns in a split second when the Enter button is pressed in the search box. There is not doubt that Google wants to make the internet a fast-place, but it is not the job of just Google to make everything fast; Website owners have to be responsible to test their sites to see if they comply with the Web standards, fix code that makes the Website slow, and make sure that Web pages load in the shortest amount of time possible to achieve a good user experience.

All I just mentioned brings me to the tip I want to share with everyone today. Not long ago, Google has created Page Speed Online, which is a Web tool that you or anyone can use to analyze the content of a Web page and it generates a report with suggestions on how you can improve a site and make it faster. One cool feature of Page Speed Online analyzer is that you can generate suggestions to improve a site for desktop computers and for mobile devices.

This tool is pretty easy to use, just visit the Page Speed Online Website, type a Web page URL, click the down-arrow, choose which suggestion you want to generate, click the Analyze Performance button and wait several seconds until the test is finished. That simple! I have tried it, and in the test my site score a 81 out of 100, which means that it is a fair number, but there still room for improvement — higher score means that there is a little room for improvement and lower score means that there is more room for improvement–. Always remember that having a fast site translates in a better user experience, and reducing the page load times can decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rates.

We are interested on what you have to say; give Page Speed Online a try and be the first to tell us your experience.