How to get a sneak peek of the new People app in Windows 10 build 10061

Here's how you can get an early look of the new People app for Windows 10.

People app in Windows 10 10061

Windows 10 build 10061 has recently released to the fast lane of updates, which brings a bunch of new changes for those coming from build 10049. One of the new changes is the addition of a new universal People app, but the app like several others still under development and they still showing as not working.

However, there is a workaround to those running Windows 10 build 10061 to launch the People app and have a sneak peek of what Microsoft is working on. Keep in mind that People will crash a lot as there is still some issues with syncing.

Having that information in mind, if you want to see how the new People looks like, follow these steps.

Windows 10 People app

  1. Try launching the People app. This will trigger the creation of two text files: “Contacts” and ”contactsOnPrimaryTile”.

  2. Open File Explorer and navigate the following path:

  3. Open the contact.txt file with Notepad.

  4. Delete the two lines in the middle. The file should look like this:

    People app contact file

  5. Save the changes and launch the People again, but this time it should work.

Remember that this is just a way to see how the app is progressing, you’ll need to perform the same steps every time you want to open the People app and it will crash a lot.