Try these Google Chrome extensions to enhance your Google+ experience

Google Plus - Logo

Google+ is filled with great features right from the start, but at this early stage means that there is space for more development. While new enhancements and features are being develop by Google, many users are creating their own Google Chrome extensions to complement the social network functionality. 

In case you want to enhance your Google+ experience with keyboard shortcuts, better notification, better sharing options, or have a better visualization on the stream, you do have an extension that can give you that. And did I mentioned that they are FREE?

Get more productive using the new social network from Google with these 6 extensions. If you know any other Google Chrome extension that help users to get a better experience on Plus, let us know in the comments below.

1.  G+ Extended: Adds more needed keyboard shortcuts to Google+.

G+ Extended for Google+

2.  G+ Count in Title: Adds notification counts in parenthesis in the tab title. While you are working in other tabs, you can have a sneak peek of how many notification you have in Google+.

G+ Count in Title for Google Plus

3.  +Comment Toggle: If your stream gets cluttered this extension can help by hiding any comments on a post, reducing the on-screen information and making them available only when you want to see them.

+Comment Toggle for Google Plus

4.  Helper for Google+: This extension adds Twitter capability, Google Translate to any post, desktop notification on new posts with sound, and it has a tweaked search.

Helper for Google+

5.  Extended Share for Google Plus: Adds functionality to share posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; this extension will add a link Share on… at the bottom of each post.

Extended Share for Google Plus

6.  Usability Boost for Google Plus: This extension helps you to visualize the stream of information on your Google Plus by adding a small CSS changes which allows you to have more focus on the content, and with the option to have the Google/Notification bar in a fixed position at the top.

Usability Boost for Google Plus