Tweetro+: The best Twitter client for Windows 8 is back in the Windows Store

Windows Store Twitter client

Windows 8 only: Remember Tweetro? The Twitter client for Windows 8, which many people will consider one of the best app for the platform, has reached its 100,000 user token limit, and Twitter has declined the company request to allow more users to use the app. Well, because of that, the designers of app had to remove it from the Windows Store, as they couldn’t keep providing users with an acceptable experience.

Now the app client is back, as Tweetro+, but there is a catch, the Windows 8 app now will reach users pockets, that’s right, now users will have to pay $9.99 (early bird special), or $12.99 in a couple of weeks — that is at least a fat million dollar if the app sale reaches the next 100,000 users –. This is the last thing that the developers may wanted to do, but moving forward, they will have to pay to Twitter to get access to their API library. What will happen to users who are using the app for free? As Neowin notes, “people who have already downloaded the previous free version of Tweetro will have to pay the full price of Tweetro+ in order to continue to use the app.” or find another app — MetroTwit.

This seems to be an strategy from Twitter to not let users make one app that isn’t theirs, and become the most popular accessing the micro-blogging social site, as the company has promised a Windows 8 app client, but it hasn’t happen yet, and they could lose big money.

If you don’t want to wait until Twitter releases its own client and you have $10 bucks to spare, you can download Tweetro+. That said, creator of Tweetro noted “DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee that this app will continue to function in the same way that it does in its purchased state (subject to any changes in Twitter’s API, rules and regulations).”


  • Access to use the Twitter with Tweetro+, but you have a limited number of installs.
  • 2 Twitter account slots, however you can expand to up to 5 via in-app purchase
  • Real-time stream of tweets
  • Tweet link preview
  • Pin multiple tweet columns in the main hub
Note: There is not a trial version of this Twitter client, but that is understandable as one trial will mean equal to one token, according to Lazyworm Applications Ltd., they cannot afford one of the limited user token.



  • Category: Social
  • Languages: English (USA)
  • Permission: This app can access the Internet and webcam
  • Price: $9.99
  • Publisher: Lazyworm Applications Ltd.
  • Download: Get it from the Windows Store

Supported architecture

  • x86/x64 (Windows 8)
  • ARM (Windows RT)

Source Tweetro via The Next Web, Neowin and The Verge