Windows 10 build 9888: all the new stuff from the leaked version (video)

Early today Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9888 leaked onto the internet. Although this is an internal build, not meant for the public consumption, the new version of the operating system shows a few new improvements over the build 9879 that Microsoft released a few weeks back.

Here is the first look video highlighting all the new features, so you don’t have to do the trouble of downloading the ISO and installing a buggy version of Windows 10.

The video shows:

  • Windows 10 kernel version bump from 6.4 to 10.0. Windows actual version is 10.0.9888
  • New animations
  • New desktop context menu similar to the context menu found in the Start screen in Windows 8.1
  • New Settings app, which replaces the PC settings app. You’ll also see the new search box, the difference between the settings for 9879 vs 9888, and a new Optional Features and Maps features
  • Windows 10 build 9888 also shows better improvements for retina displays and more…