Windows 10 new default wallpaper merges with the Ninja cat on a Unicorn (download)

Windows 10 default wallpaper Cat riding on a Unicorn

A few days ago, Microsoft published a new video in its YouTube channel to show the creation of the new default wallpaper for Windows 10. It’s essentially an image that features the Windows logo made out of blue light with a dark background.

However, the company showed the wallpaper, but it’s not available to the public just yet, as it will be included in the final build of Windows 10, which will release later at the end of July.

So, a Windows fan has recently recreated the wallpaper using Photoshop, it doesn’t look exactly the same, but it’s close. Today, a new fan created a new wallpaper that combines the new unofficial Windows 10 default wallpaper with the Ninja cat riding a Unicorn with the Microsoft flag.

If you like the wallpaper, you can download it from Greg Carpentier’s OneDrive. The image is HD with a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Source @Greg_Carpentier via Windows Central