Tech Recap: Windows 10 kernel ver. 10, Consumer Preview, Office 365 Video

Windows 10 kernel version 10

This week on tech, Microsoft bumps ups kernel version number in Windows 10 from 6.4 to 10. The company hasn’t changed the main version number since Windows Vista and the new version may cause some compatibility issues among older applications.

On Windows 10, this week also got a sense of what to expect in the Consumer Preview, which is scheduled to release in late January or early February. For features we can expect a working version of Continuum, Live Tiles on the desktop, a more polished operating system, and more.

Office gets updated this week for Android devices, bringing Dropbox integration to the suite and all for free. Also Office 365 gets Video a new YouTube like portal for business.

The Windows Store is also getting big improvements, for Windows 10 the Store will offer a single experience across devices and it will provide new features for better app manageability and distribution for businesses.

Although, Patch Tuesday came and went, Microsoft this week released a new Surface Pro 3 firmware update promising (again) fix for the network adapter, and Windows 8.1 get the KB3000850 update, a 720MB update that can be considered as a Service Pack (but it’s not).

This week I also published a how-to addressing the OneDrive placeholder issue found in Windows 10 build 9879, I created a new video demonstrating tons of new hidden feature in Windows 10, and gave you a first look at the Storage Sense feature for the upcoming version of Windows.

Finally, Nokia returns to the tablet business with the N1 Android tablet and the company isn’t ashamed of marketing a device that looks very similar to Apple’s iPad mini. All this and more…

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