Windows 10 preview: hands-on with hidden features (video)

Recently I wrote an extensive article highlighting several new features found in Windows 10 Technical Preview. While some of the features are new to build 9879, others were already included in previous builds, but all of them have one thing in common, they’re hidden features or less talked about. While the article explained in details all these new features in Windows 10, today I created a video showing all the new changes.

The video, which I already published in my YouTube channel, goes through demoing the following features:

  • Keyboard shortcut to access the new Action Center (Windows 8 Key + A)
  • Keyboard shortcut to full screen the Command Prompt (Alt + Enter)
  • New OneDrive settings
  • System Compression on Disk Cleanup to free up hard drive space
  • First look at the new dialog box in Windows 10
  • Backup apps data settings from the sync settings
  • How to enable and use the early version of Continuum mode for Windows 10
  • How to enable and use the new Search box on the taskbar
  • New battery icon in the System Tray

The video is longer than usual around 18 minutes, but it goes in details about all these new features.