Windows 11 to get 3D emojis after all

3D emoji system may actually come to Windows 11.

Windows 11 3D emoji
  • Yes, Microsoft is still working on 3D emojis for Windows 11.
  • However, it’s unclear when it will be available.
  • The company is committed to updating the emoji system every year.

Microsoft is reportedly still planning to bring a 3D version of emojis to Windows 11. Originally, the company was supposed to release emojis using a 3D design, but instead, a 2D version was released for Windows 11 without explanation.

However, Nado Costa, a designer who works at Microsoft, has said that Microsoft is working on 3D emoji for Windows 11. The news appeared in an article that Costa published on LinkedIn explaining the plans for the new direction with the emoji system that includes updates for every new version of the Unicode.

Emoji 3D and 2D comparison
Emoji 3D and 2D comparison (Source: Microsoft)

It’s still unclear why the company made available a 2D version instead of the promised 3D version of the emoji system, but now, it’s clear that the team is committed to making good in the promise.