Windows 11 new Focus Sessions feature will integrate Spotify

Microsoft plans to integrate Spotify into Focus Sessions, a new feature to help you stay focus and get things done on Windows 11.

Windows 11 focus sessions

As part of the Windows 11 experience, Microsoft is planning to integrate Spotify. The integration comes in the form of a feature, part of the Alarms & Clock app, called “Focus Sessions,” which is meant to be a new way for Windows users to focus on tasks and work.

The app was teased by Microsoft’s head of Windows and Devices, Panos Panay, and as the video teaser shows, Focus Sessions integrates with Spotify, allowing you to create sessions while playing your favorite music playlist to focus and get work done.

The way it works, you open the Alarms & Clock app and select the Focus Sessions from the left pane. Then you would pick a Microsoft To Do task, select a Spotify playlist, set the timers, and click the “Start focus session” button.

Also, depending on the time range you select, you will get a number of automatic breaks. However, if you want to can always skip the breaks. All your focus sessions will be tracked on the “Daily progress” section on the right side.

The feature is described as “achieve your goals and get done with focus sessions,” and it’s expected to arrive with the new OS sometime in October.