Windows 11 gets redesigned 2D emojis

2D emojis, including a Clipply emoji, are now available for Windows 11.

Windows 11 2D emojis
  • New 2D emojis are now available for the original release of Windows 11.
  • You need to install the optional KB5007262 update on your computer.
  • The update also includes a slew of non-security fixes.

Microsoft has begun the rollout of the new emojis for Windows 11 using the company’s Fluent design style. The new emojis are available through a new optional update that also ships with a slew of fixes and improvements for the original version of Windows 11.

Although these are a complete redesign of the previous version of emojis, they do not include the 3D style that the company previously showed off. Instead, these are 2D-based emojis.

In addition to the new designs, the latest version includes a Clippy emoji to replace the standard paperclip emoji on Windows 11.

The new emojis are similar to the previous version, but with new brighter colors and black borders. However, the new set of expressions do not come with the ability to change the skin tone for a combination of emojis (family members, couples with hearts, kissing, and people holding hands).

Old emojis (left), new ones (right)
Old emojis (left), new ones (right)

It’s not clear why Microsoft shifted from its original 3D to 2D styles. However, if you want to get them immediately, you need to go Settings > Update & security > Advanced Options > Optional updates and download the update KB5007262 to apply the new version of emojis.