Windows 11 to get Smart Clipboard feature

Microsoft is experimenting with a new Smart Clipboard feature in the latest preview of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Smart Clipboard
  • Windows 11 will include a new Smart Clipboard feature.
  • The feature appears hidden on build 22563 available in the Dev Channel.
  • Smart Clipboard is a placeholder and its functionality is unclear.

Microsoft is working on a new clipboard interface for Windows 11. According to a Tweet from FireCube (@FireCubeStudios), the latest preview on Windows 11 (build 22563) includes a new “Smart Clipboard” interface that is part of the “SmartActionsUX.”

The interface also has a reference to open the “Smart actions settings” page in the Settings app. However, the Settings app doesn’t include any page for these new settings at the time of this writing.

Windows 11 already has a “Clipboard History” interface, which you can open using the “Windows key + V” keyboard shortcut that lets you paste text and images that you copied to the clipboard.

The “Smart Clipboard” seems like it could be an evolution of the “Clipboard History” feature. However, the new interface is currently a placeholder that doesn’t do anything, so the plan that Microsoft has with this new feature is unclear.

Since features in the Dev Channel are experimental and not tied to any specific version of Windows 11, it’s unclear when or if this feature will ever roll out in the stable channel.