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If there is one good thing about Windows is that there is not just one way to perform a specific task. For example, to get to a specific location to configure some settings, in this case Display, you can navigate to the Windows Start menu, select Control Panel, and then click Display or you can navigate to the Windows Start menu and in the search box type Display in press Enter to get the same place, as you can see there is always going to be more than one way — this was just one example of many other shortcuts you can use in Windows –.

I always prefer to use the easiest way to perform a task whenever possible, it can be something similar like the one I just mentioned or it can be a keyboard shortcut or configuring settings in certain ways to make Windows work faster and more productive for me. Most of the time these approaches save you time and you will use fewer mouse clicks. Here are my productive list of Windows 7 tips that you might not notice before.

Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

  • Display the desktop:

Windows logo key  + D

This keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly minimize all open windows leaving nothing more than an empty desktop. You can accomplish the same thing by going to the notification area and hover or click the rectangle. Really cool to go from clutter to clean!

Windows 7 - Show Desktop

  • Windows and multiple monitors:

Press and hold Windows logo key  + Shift + Left Arrow or Right Arrow

This will send the active window to the monitor on your left or on your right, depending in your monitor set up.

  • Get more focus when working on Windows 7:

Windows logo key  + Home key

This keyboard shortcut minimizes and restores all open windows except the active window you are working on.

  • Snap windows:

Remember how time-consuming was to align two document in the screen to compare them side-by-side? Well now it is easier than ever and you can make it in a snap with the following keyboard shortcut:

Press and hold Windows logo key  + Left Arrow or Right Arrow, to snap the document, application or any window to one side. You can accomplish the same thing by dragging a window and mouse pointer to the side of the screen.

Windows 7 - Snap window

  • Open Windows Task Manger:

Most of us are really familiar with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + ATL + Del to open the Windows Task Manger, did you know there is an easier way with fewer mouse clicks?

Ctrl + Shift + Escape

  • Switch between Windows user accounts or lock the computer:

Windows logo key  + L

Windows 7 - Welcome screen

  • Open Computer:

Windows logo key  + E

Windows 7 - Computer


Get faster access to your folder by adding them to the Favorites list

In Windows 7 you can add any folder or library to the Favorites in the Windows Explorer on the left pane. To add a folder do the following:

  • Navigate to the folder you want, right-click on Favorites in the left pane and select Add current location to Favorites.

Windows 7 - Add location to favorites


Pin Control Panel to the taskbar

If you ever noticed Control Panel cannot by pinned to the taskbar from the Start menu or by dragging and dropping. However you can do it by open Control Panel, right-click the icon and click  on Pin this program to the taskbar or go to Start , type control panel, right-click the icon and select Pin to taskbar.

Windows 7 - Pin this program to taskbar


Add the Videos link to the Start menu

Windows 7 by default doesn’t display Videos link in the Start menu to add it follow these steps: Right-click in the Start menu , select Properties, in the Start menu tab, click the Customize button, scroll down and under Videos, click the option Display as a link. And to finish click OK, Apply and OK again.

Windows 7 - Videos link in the Start menu


Does the text on the screen don’t look right? This is how to adjust the screen text with ClearType text tuner

Sometimes Windows will display fuzzy or blurry text, you can use ClearType text tuner to correct these problems, this will work better on LCD or laptops screens.

Go to Start , type adjust cleartype text and press Enter, and follow the easy steps from the ClearType text tuner to correct the problem.

Windows 7 - ClearType Text tuner


Customize the Power button your way

If you use Hibernate on your computer more than Shut down, Windows 7 gives you the flexibility to customize it your way.

Right-click the Start button, select Properties, and in the Power button action section, choose the option you want from the drop-down menu, click Apply and OK.

Windows 7 - Power button action

How did you like these Windows 7 tips? Do you have tips of your own? Share with us in the comments.

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