Watch This: Windows 8.1 hidden Photosynth feature in Camera app

We’re getting closer to the Public Preview of Windows 8.1, the last leak, build 9385, provided us with further insights of new improvements and features such as a new desktop auto scaling settings, the Internet Explorer 11 Developer Tools, Microsoft upgrading PowerShell to version 4 and much more. In addition to all the changes we already know, now there is a new clip that just surfaced on the web and it shows that the Camera app has been updated to take panorama images with Microsoft Photosynth.

In this YouTube video by the user bavogames shows how to enable Photosynth in Windows 8.1 build 9385 to take panoramas and it also demos how the hidden feature works in its current stage. Although the new feature isn’t enabled at the moment and requires manual configuration, it seems work pretty well and if Microsoft actually includes it in the forthcoming upgrade of the operating system, it will be a welcome feature for Windows 8 and specially for Windows RT users.

Source YouTube via @h0x0d