Windows 8 international ad campaign officially kicked-off with four new videos

Microsoft has recently launched their marketing campaign in the U.S., but today, as we are getting to the final countdown, the software giant is stepping up and unveiling four new international ads promoting the release of Windows 8 in 42 different countries.

The ads follow the previous campaign in North America and together with other online ads, huge banners like the one in Times Square NYC, and ad prints are part of the massive marketing campaign, where the company is investing more than $1 billion dollars.

“The idea behind the campaign is to be more motivating, more rooted in the product experience – less tell and more show – by connecting in an emotional and culturally relevant way that maps to the breadth of the global reach.” — Brandon LeBlanc said in The Windows Blog post.

Check out the videos

And this is just the beginning, Microsoft plans to release more videos as part of the campaign.

Source The Windows Blog