Windows 8 tablet vs. iPad iOS 5 [Video]

Windows 8 vs. iPad iOS 5

Are you still skeptical about Windows 8? Not really convinced about switching from the iPad to Windows 8 tablet and its potential? Then this video is for you, this is a comparison of an iOS 5 iPad and a table loaded with Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Here is something to consider, neither of these firmware are finished product yet, but iOS 5 is almost completed and ready to ship. You’ll find that as there are many similarities, there are also many things that are different. Besides, it is important to note that Windows 8 doesn’t even have yet a lot of features that users already expects to have in a table.

At this point is not about which is the best, but instead what is to come and the future of tablets, and it is good to say that both have a load of good stuff that will put the user to think hard before deciding what to buy.

Source Winrumors