Microsoft’s Compatibility Center updated for Windows 8.1

Microsoft update Compatibility Center for Windows 8.1

Microsoft updates its Compatibility Center website to include hardware and software information about Windows 8.1 ahead of the October launch.

Not only the database has been updated, but the software giant has also redesigned the site to match the new responsive design. The service is a lot easier to use too, now you don’t have to choose the operating like in the past, just type the name of the hardware or software and you’ll get instant results. By default the Compatibility Center search shows results for compatibility using Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1. If you have a previous version of the operating system, you can simply click the product and change the Compatibility status field to Windows 8 or 7 — sorry no Vista or XP.

Many people aren’t aware that for every release of Windows, Microsoft has a very useful database that anyone can access and find out whether a particular peripheral, such as a printer, webcam, scanners, etc., or software like drivers, antivirus, etc., is compatible with the latest operating system, and 8.1 isn’t the exception. If you want to know if your hardware and software is ready for Windows 8.1, check the service to find out.