Tech Recap: Windows 9 leaks, IE12, MSN apps, Surface Pro 3

Windows 9 Start menu - Tech Recap

This week on tech, Microsoft’s Windows Technical Preview build 9834 leaks and reveals the future of Windows 9. The leaked screenshots and videos showed us the new Start menu, virtual desktops, notification center, new desktop flat design, windowed Metro-style apps, new Charms integration, and we also saw the first evidence of Cortana and Windows Phone 8.1’s Storage Sense coming to the OS.

Internet Explorer 12 seems not to be part of the current leaked version (9834.0.140908-0936.FBL_PARTNER_EEAP), however new information surfaced this week details that IE12 is in the works and Microsoft is planning a brand new look for the internet software and extensions like Chrome are also coming.

New report early this week claims that obtained confidential Microsoft internal document points out that Microsoft is gearing up to abandon the “Nokia” and “Windows Phone” brands from advertisements by the holiday season, opting to simply Windows.

Microsoft also this week announced that is rebranding the collection of Bing apps to “MSN apps” and it’ll be porting all the apps to Apple’s iOS and Android.

Xbox One October system update will bring a lot of improvements for consoles without Kinect, like double-tapping the Xbox button to launch Snap Center, Friends and Messages apps received a few changes too. You can now “record that” by double-tapping the Xbox button and pressing (x), the media player app support network streaming from home servers and now you can also play MKV files.

Microsoft details the next Lumia update, Denim, which will include Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 and additional features exclusively to Lumia devices.

Intel released a new driver early this week, which you can install in Surface Pro 3 resulting on an up to 30% performance improvement. Surface Pro 3 also gets a new firmware update to finally improve the wireless connection and fixes thermostat icon on boot.

Windows 8 and various other products, including Internet Explorer 11 received its Patch Tuesday this week fixing a total of 42 vulnerabilities.

Finally OneDrive gets updated and get file upload support up to 10GB, lifting preview 2GB limit, and adds super-fast syncing. I detailed how Windows as a Service might work in Windows 9, and HP Stream laptop gets priced at $299 to compete with Chromebooks. All this and more…

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