Windows Holographic coming to Windows 10 PCs in 2017

Microsoft and Intel plan to bring mixed reality to all Windows 10 PCs next year.

Windows Holographic shell

It’s been known that virtual and augmented reality are the next big thing on computing, as we’re already seeing many companies, such as Microsoft with HoloLens, Facebook with Oculus Rift, Alphabet with Google VR, and Samsung with its Gear VR (just to name a few) are already in this market.

Up until now, computing power and cost have been some of the reasons these technologies are still not available everywhere. However, Microsoft and Intel are joining forces to bring mixed reality mainstream.

On August 16th, at Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson announced a new collaboration with the silicon giant company to make all Windows 10 PCs ready for mixed reality applications.

Microsoft is now working to release a new update for Windows 10 in 2017 that will include the company’s holographic shell, which are the same software components found in the HoloLens headset.

The new update will also allow mainstream PCs to work with head-mounted displays (HMDs), and Windows Holographic applications, which will let users interact with 3D applications as well as with 2D Windows Store apps.

Source Microsoft