Every Windows Phone 8 will be upgradable to Windows 10, Microsoft confirms

Yellow Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

We already know that Windows 8 PCs and tablets will be compatible with Windows 10 when it releases in 2015. We also know that Microsoft is moving toward to the one Windows for every device vision, and that it’s already working to merge Windows RT and Windows Phone into one mobile operating system, also running the Windows 10 core.

What we didn’t know until now was if current Windows Phone 8 handsets will be upgradable to the new Windows 10 mobile operating system. Now we know. According to Microsoft Lumia’s Twitter account, every handset running Windows Phone 8 will be compatible for Windows 10.

Previously the company decided to block upgrades from Windows Phone 7.x to Windows Phone 8, because the new software needed more powerful hardware, which makes users doubtful if the company would be taking the same action this time around, but now users can breathe a little easier with the good news.

It’s worth highlighting that Microsoft is referring to the mobile operating system with the “Windows 10” naming, which signals the company moving away for the “Windows Phone” brand.

Source Twitter