Tech Recap: Windows TH, Surface mini, Microsoft’s Chromecast like dongle

Windows Technical Preview (Windows TH)

This week on tech, Microsoft is planning to announce a new name for its operating system during its Windows Technical Preview briefing. The company also accidentally lists “Windows TH” name on its new Technical Preview website, where the company will also offer a new Windows Insider Preview Program. A download page for the Windows 9 preview also emerges showing 32-bit and 64-bit version of the new operating system. And among the details, like in previous versions, Microsoft won’t offer a path to roll back from the preview to your previous version of Windows.

As part of another big week for Windows 9 rumors, this week I published a set of options users can use to safety test the Technical Preview, which could arrive in early October. And I also wrote a second summary listing all the leaked features we’ve seen this far.

Also a rumor surfaced recently about Microsoft may be dropping the 32-bit version of the operating system starting Windows 9. But this is highly unlikely to happen for various reasons I explained in my article.

Early this week we also had confirmation that Surface mini was indeed real, and now we have more details on how this device looks like.

Microsoft also released a new Windows Phone update for those using the developer preview of the software.

This week also, Microsoft announces the Chromecast competitor, Wireless Display Adapter, a new Miracast compatible device that works in the same way as the $35 Google’s dongle.

Finally, the software giant now is letting students download Office 365 for free. All this and more…

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