A workspace designed for sound and entertainment

A workspace designed for sound with a dark color scheme 780_wide

If you are looking to build a workspace for audio editing, just to watch movies or a Linkin Park concert, this week’s featured workspace from Michael Tam will give you a great idea where to start.

The design of this home office is fantastic for sound and entertainment, for starters the computer desk is black with adjustable height chrome legs from IKEA. Michael noted that he had to spray paint the underside of the desk because it reflected the wood color on the desk legs, and that the desk is set low optimized for keyboard (not for handwriting).

Black desk with mounted monitor 609_wide

In far-left corner of the room you’ll see a floor lamp next to a big window that provides good ambient lighting throughout the day. The most noticeable components of this workspace are the two large speakers with their own stands (VTI UF Series 29”) and the DELL monitor mounted on the desk that he bought from Monoprice that makes this workspace built for sound.

Dark color scheme workspace great for entertainment 640_wide

Everything you see fits perfectly thanks to the simple dark color scheme (even on the walls), furniture arrangement, the dark carpet and the wooden floor.

If you have a workspace of your own to show off, share it here by sending an email at [email protected] using “featured workspace” in the subject line. Images must be at least 780×369 (you can send the images via attachment, but a hosted images in Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, etc., will be appreciated) and please include some text describing the space (e.g., the story behind the design, where the pieces came from, about the tech on the desk, etc. — you get the idea.).

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