Xbox xCloud preview demo (image source Microsoft)
For all markets

Xbox Console Streaming now available for all Insiders

Microsoft is making available its Xbox Console Streaming system to all Insiders to play games they already own on mobile devices streamed from their Xbox One consoles.

When Microsoft began testing its xCloud gaming streaming service last October, it was limited and available for a select number of markets. However, now, the company is expanding the preview allowing Xbox Insiders in every supported region to test the console game streaming using an Xbox One console.

The Xbox Console Streaming system allows gamers to convert their Xbox One consoles into a gaming server to stream and play games they already own from a mobile device.

The system works over a wireless connection at home and through mobile data if you’re using your phone on the go.

If you’re not an Xbox Insider, you can sign up here to access this new streaming feature.

Xbox Console Streaming should not be confused with the xCloud service. Although the console streaming is part of the project, the difference is that xCloud is a gaming service that allows you to play games without the need of a console as the games are streamed from the Microsoft network. On the other hand, the Xbox Console Streaming system allows you to transform your console into a private gaming service, which you can use to play games you own remotely using a mobile device.