Microsoft to keep Xbox Fitness free through 2015

Xbox Fitness for Xbox One

If you like to live healthy and you have an Xbox One, you’ll be happy to hear that the Xbox Fitness service will remain free of charge throughout 2015, Microsoft confirms, even though it’s previously said that the service will require an additional subscription.

Xbox Fitness was first introduced as an Xbox One tittle when the console launched a year ago, designed not only to help people to stay healthy, but to show what Xbox One can do, especially with the more powerful Kinect that can even track movements much better than before.

However, Microsoft was planning to make Xbox Fitness a part of an additional subscription; the company has told Windows Central that the service will continue to be free in 2015.

While some of the content available will change in January, Xbox Fitness will continue to offer free and unlimited access to a wide fitness video catalog with your Xbox Live Gold membership, as well as the option to purchase additional full programs with Gold and Silver memberships.

Now if you happen to have an Xbox One with Kinect and an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you’ll be able to access the service and some of the content for free. (Xbox Fitness also offers add-on content, most of them from Beachbody, in which case I would recommend you get the P90X workouts, they work amazingly.)

Source Windows Central