Xbox One X console with controller
Voice control

Xbox One is getting Alexa and Google Assistant support

Soon you'll be be able to use other digital assistants to control your Xbox One console using voice commands.

Although you can already use Cortana with your Xbox One, it hasn’t been a very useful experience since Microsoft discontinued the Kinect sensor and not many people use their headsets while using the console. However, now it appears that Xbox One will include support voice commands using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

This rumor has been around for a while, but a new report from Windows Central reveals that an upcoming version of the dashboard includes an option to enable Alexa and Google Assistant.

The ability to enable both assistants could indicate that users will be able to have third-party smart speakers to control their console using voice commands. However, it’s not clear how this new feature will work, and which command will be available to users.

The option appears to be available in test previews of upcoming releases of the operating system, more specifically in the “Kinect & Devices” menu, and the option is called “Digital Assistant.” Enabling the feature lets you use Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant with your Xbox.

This new implementation shouldn’t come as a surprise as Microsoft has been working with Amazon to friend Alexa with Cortana on Windows 10, and former head of the Xbox marketing console, Albert Penello, recently started working on Amazon to help expand Alexa in gaming.

While we’re now seeing evidence of the feature, we still don’t know when or if ever, we’re going to see this Alexa and Google Assistant support on Xbox One.