Tech Recap: Xbox One, Xbox 360 E, Office Mobile for iPhone and more

Xbox One at E3 2013 780_wide

This week there was a lot to cover on Xbox One for starters Microsoft finally revealed pricing, launch date, new changes in Xbox Live, a lot of new exclusive games coming this year, and new accessories for the video game console. The software giant also announced that all Xbox Live Gold members will be getting two free Xbox 360 games starting July and until November (right now Fable III is free, Microsoft said it’s a token of appreciation to celebrate E3).

At E3 2013 in Los Angeles, Microsoft also unveiled the new Xbox 360 E, the same console you know and love, but now has a new design based on the Xbox One. It didn’t take long and this week the guys from iFixit teardown this new console, showing that the new model is all about cosmetic, all the hardware specs remain the same. Finally Microsoft released Office Mobile, bringing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to the iPhone. All this and much more.

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In other news, this week was Patch Tuesday and Microsoft released a new firmware update for Surface that improved various aspect of the device including Home Button and new covers functionalities: Microsoft delivers June firmware updates, fixes for its Surfaces.

Facebook adds hashtags to its giant social network, which works exactly the same as Twitter, just include a # in before your keyword. Here is the company press release: Public Conversations on Facebook.

Finally, I thought this was a very interesting article, did you ever think how AMD was able to convinced Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to be the only company supplying the processors for the next-gen game consoles instead of Intel? Here is the answer: Three for three: How AMD won the war for the heart of next-gen consoles.

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