Xbox One with Surprise Me button (source Microsoft)

Xbox One April Update, version 2004: features and changes

Microsoft pushes the April 2020 Update for Xbox One consoles with new Surprise Me! button and improvements for Mixer.

Microsoft is now releasing the Xbox One version 2004 (April 2020 Update) to everyone. This is the first semi-annual update of the year, and while it’s a minor update, you’ll find a few new features and changes.

In the April 2020 update for Xbox One, the company is introducing a new “Surprise Me!” button, which has been designed to randomly select a game from your library based on your preferences.

You can find the button in the upper-right corner of My games & apps, and you can find it by pressing the Menu button on your controller when highlighting the title of a group.

In addition, version 2004 ships with some improvements for Mixer, including new emotes and subscriber badges in chat, while your Ember messages also get the flare they deserve, with special styling to help them stand out.

The update also makes it easier to access stream settings with one press of the Menu button on the controller.

In addition, as previously noted by the company, the April Update should also come with a simplified Guide layout. The new design brings a left-to-right order configuration for the different tabs. Inside the “Parties & chats” tab, you’ll now find party, messaging, and invites, and in the “Profile & system” tab is where the settings, audio, and power options are now located.

The new version will download and install automatically, but you can always check and for the update through the Xbox One settings.