Xbox One DVR feature with ability to stream to Windows 10 devices arrives in 2016

Microsoft announces that Xbox One DVR to let users record over-the-air TV is coming in 2016 as a subscription-free service.

DVR on Xbox One

Microsoft at Gamescom announces that Xbox One owners will be able to record live over-the-air TV in the console without additional hardware (if you already have the TV adapter and antenna). At Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, the software giant reveals that Xbox One will soon offer DVR functionality and users will even be able to stream their recordings to any Windows 10 device via the Xbox app.

The Xbox One TV DVR feature will be available in 2016, and subscription-free to everyone. According to the company, users will be able to start a recording and get back to a game without impacting performance.

In addition, Xbox One owners will be able to stream their DVR content to any Windows 10 device, including PC, tablet, or phone, and users will also be able to take their recording on the go with offline capability.

The feature will require instant-on to be enable in order to record new shows when you’re not at home, and because the DVR feature is powered by Xbox Live, you’ll be able to schedule a recording remotely.