Hey Google, turn on Xbox.

Xbox One gets Google Assistant with November 2019 Update

The new version for the Xbox One OS brings support for Google Assistant and a few other features.

Xbox One with Google Assistant (source: Microsoft)

Microsoft is now rolling out the November 2019 Update (version 1911) for Xbox One consoles, and among the new features, the new release brings support for Google Assistant.

However, it’s not the case that Xbox One now includes Google Assistant build into the operating system, instead, it’s a new feature that allows to connect a Google Assistant compatible device to your console to use voice commands.

If you have a supported device, you can use the Google Home app to set up the Google Assistant with your Xbox One.

Once the assistant is configured, you’ll be able to launch games, apps, start and shut down the console as well as control volume, take screenshots, pause media, and more.

Here’s a full list of the commands that you can use to control your Xbox console (via Reddit).

Hey Google, turn on Xbox.Turn on
Hey Google, turn off Xbox.Turn off
Hey Google, play Gears 5 on Xbox.Launch game
Hey Google, volume up on Xbox.Volume up
Hey Google, volume down on Xbox.Volume down
Hey Google, mute Xbox.Mute
Hey Google, un-mute Xbox.Un-mute
Hey Google, pause.Pause*
Hey Google, play.Play*
Hey Google, next.Next*
Hey Google, previousPrevious*
Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox.Take a screenshot
Hey Google, record that on Xbox.Record a game clip
Hey Google, reboot Xbox.Reboot
Hey Google, stop on Xbox.Stop
Hey Google, switch to PBS on Xbox.Watch a TV channel (if live TV is configured)
* Media playback commands can be triggered with or without saying the device name.

In addition to the new support for Google Assistant, Microsoft is rolling out new filters to control the language of the text you read in messages.

As part of gamertags improvements, there are 13 new alphabets to help everyone to pick the preferred gamertag, no matter the language, and more.

The November 2019 Xbox Update is available immediately, it’ll download and install automatically, but you can force the update from Settings > System > Updates > Update console, and tapping the Start update button.