Xbox One teardown by iFixit, see what makes this console tick

Xbox One Teardown

Xbox One is here and the guys from iFixit already got their hands on one of the brand new liquid black consoles and teared it down to show us what’s inside. As no surprise the hardware configuration is similar to the PS4 and the new Xbox looks much like a PC.

Inside of the Xbox One, you’ll find the motherboard that connects together all components, a standard 2.5-inch SATA II, which Microsoft says you cannot replace, however you can upgrade the HDD if you’re willing to void the warranty. And this time around you’ll see a Blu-ray drive instead of the now forgotten HD-DVD.

One particular aspect comparing Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is that even though both game consoles share various similarities in hardware configuration. Xbox One not only has a more roomy case, but also has a bigger CPU fan, which it looks to me that Microsoft is paying more attention than Sony to avoid overheating problems.


The folks from iFixit found quite easy to teardown the Xbox One console and pointed out that most of the components are removable, which is a good thing if at any time you need to replace a faulty piece of hardware.

At the end Xbox One received a repairability score of 8 out of 10, because the teardown was pretty similar to the one for Xbox 360 and a few tools were needed. And inside of the console there isn’t a modular design, which allows you to easily replace the heatsink, fan, drives, wireless adapter, and motherboard.

For the complete Xbox One teardown head over to the iFixit website.