Xbox One still a work in progress, but it’ll dominate the living room (video)

You probably already watched Microsoft’s Xbox One 12-minute video tour showing the console’s performance in the real world. Well, now I came across a video report from The Verge titled: “Xbox One revives the war for TV”, and it is really an interesting watch. Nilay Patel had the opportunity to visit Microsoft Studio A in Redmond and meet with a few of the brains behind Xbox One, and they talked about Microsoft’s ambitions to go from a game console only for gamers to an entertainment device for the entire family in the living room.

And they talked about the limitations and compromises Microsoft made to make sure users can watch live TV without switch inputs and how this will change in the future.

With most living rooms, your game console and your cable box are plugged into separate inputs on your TV. Microsoft is trying to change that with the Xbox One — your cable box plugs into your console, which in turn plugs into the main input on your TV. By essentially hijacking your TV, Microsoft can keep the Xbox One interface in front of you all the time. It’s a clever idea and an ambitious, but it’s also fundamentally a hack. Nilay Patel reports.

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