Xbox One 12-minute demo shows real performance on games, apps, and TV

In a new 12-minutes video Microsoft touts us that games are just one part of the equation with Xbox One. The new demo video shows how Xbox One performs in the real world with apps, games, live TV, Skype, and more, no pre-recorded footage.

The 12-minute video will show you how to navigate the Xbox One dashboard, automatic login, seamless profile switching by just using the “show my stuff” voice command; how to move between experiences, games, live TV, Internet Explorer, answering a Skype call between to Xbox One. The power of Kinect to video chat which includes being able to track multiple people in a room without motors and Game DVD.

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Although, Microsoft showed very little about gaming and more apps, this is perhaps the best demonstration of Xbox One we have seen yet looking forward to November 22nd.

Source Xbox