Xbox One video fully demos dashboard, navigation, and voice commands

We’ve already seen the Xbox One unboxing experience and Microsoft has also demoed some of console functionalities in the past. But now as we are getting closer to the official release date, the company created a new video of the new Xbox One dashboard showing pretty much every feature the console will offer starting November 22nd, 2013.

The video demonstrates various experiences from commanding Xbox One to turn on, to how to navigate the new dashboard, to launch and interact with apps and games.

What’s really interesting about the Xbox One demo video is how well the console responds to voice commands via Kinect and how seamlessly you can switch from one experience to another, that being using the Game DVR to share gameplay on Xbox Live, Live TV or even snapping Internet Explorer and answering a Skype call. The video doesn’t pop any notification disclosing if the demo is simulated, so it seems this is the real deal.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Source Microsoft