Xbox One X with controller group
Biggest discount ever

Xbox One X drops price to $399.99 for Black Friday 2018

In the market for a new console? In November, Microsoft is offering $100 off on the most powerful console, the Xbox One X.

As part of the Black Friday deals for 2018, Microsoft is offering its Xbox One X console at the lowest price ever. During November 18 through November 26, you can take advantage of the $100 discount and get the most powerful console for $399.99.

The company made the announcement during its XO18 event in Mexico City, and you’ll be able to get this offer at the Microsoft Store, Amazon, and other retailers.

The most powerful console ever delivers six teraflops of graphical power, custom eight-core processor, and 12GB of memory for true 4K gaming and video playback. (Additional Xbox One X tech specs details here.)

Along with dropping the price for the Xbox One X during Black Friday 2018, Microsoft is also offering a $100 discount on its Xbox One S Minecraft bundle, and even a $70 discount with other bundles.

If lowering console prices wasn’t enough, the company will be discounting Xbox One games up to 50 percent between November 22 and November 30. Some of the deals, include Forza Motorsport 7, Sea of Thieves, and many other titles.

Furthermore, starting November 10 through January 3, the Xbox Game Pass will cost $1 for the first month. This is a $9.99 value, which get you access to more than 100 games in one monthly subscription.

Between November 15 and November 30, you can also get 1 month of Xbox Live Gold membership for $1.